About HCE

Thank you for visiting our site and allowing me the opportunity to tell you who we are.

HCE was started in 2008 in Destin Florida, after seeing the “mess” in the health insurance industry for those not being covered by their group, employers not being able to afford group coverage and the difficulty of even trying to acquire individual health insurance on your own.

Furthermore, I found people being rejected for coverage because of simple issues that I knew I could clear up. Even if they were accepted by a plan, it wasn’t the best plan possible for them in many instances, although they didn’t know that. These clients needed guidance and advice from a knowledgeable, caring health insurance professional

Our goal is to make this process of as easy as possible by listening to your needs and helping you choose a plan that best serves those needs along with educating you to make your plan decision easy.

Can we help you? There is no pressure. We just ask that you listen to what we research and present to you. Then, decide for yourself. You’ll discover it’s the clearest and most practical health insurance information you have ever received.


R. Joseph “Joey” Smith