Health Insurance

Everyone needs health insurance benefits, but not everyone knows where to look, who to contact, or what carrier is the best.  Everyone wants health insurance they can afford.  With that in mind, Health Care Exchange (HCE) is contracted agent with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, which offers a very affordable comprehensive major medical plan to fit almost any budget. Let HCE find a plan to fit your family’s needs and budget.

Health Care Exchange finds a plan that fits your situation.

Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance for women and men, self-employed, retirees, child-only policies, comprehensive major medical plans.

Family Health Insurance

Family health plans for you, your spouse, children.  Plans can include basic protection, preventative services, annual checkups, lab work, child wellness checkups, prescriptions, dental.

Small Business Health Insurance

Provide the single most valuable employee benefit – affordable health insurance at through work.   Blue@Work gives your employees access to the coverage they need for themselves and their families.  The program delivers outstanding benefits for your employees, at no cost to you.  Employees can choose from a variety of coverage options, with plans that offer the right protection at an affordable price.

Blue@Work is flexible – our employees can choose from a full range of single, family or child-only coverag, eeven guaranteed-acceptance and HSA-compatible plans.

Dental Insurance Plans

Plans for Individuals, Small Employers, Senior Citizens